New: Apelul comun România - Republica Populară Chineză pentru proiecte de mobilități, pentru perioada 2018-2019

Prin Ordinul ministrului cercetării și inovării nr. 305/12.03.2018 a fost aprobată lansarea Apelului comun România - Republica Populară Chineză pentru proiecte de mobilități, pentru perioada 2018-2019, în cadrul PNCDI III, Programul 3. Cooperare europeană și internațională, Subprogramul 3.1 Bilateral/multilateral, Proiecte de mobilități.
Bugetul total alocat competiției este de 1.500.000 lei (500.000 lei în 2018 și 1.000.000 lei în 2019).

Termen limită de depunere a propunerilor de proiecte: 31 martie 2018


New: National Scholarship Programme (NSP) of the Slovak Republic for the support of mobility of students, PhD students, university teachers, researchers and artists.

Eligible applicants for a scholarship in the framework of the NSP:
- PhD students whose higher education or scientific training takes place outside Slovakia and who are accepted by a public, private or state university or a research institution in Slovakia eligible to carry out a doctoral study programme (e.g. the Slovak Academy of Sciences) for an academic mobility to study/conduct research in Slovakia. Duration of a scholarship stay (PhD students): 1 – 10 months (580 € / month).
- International university teachers, researchers and artists who are invited to a teaching/research/artistic stay in Slovakia by an institution with a valid certificate of eligibility to carry out research and development, which is not a business company and it has its headquarters in Slovakia. Duration of a scholarship stay (university teachers, researchers or artists): 1 – 10 months (580-1000 € / month).

Selection of scholarship holders is carried out by the Selection Committee appointed by the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. The Committee focuses mostly on:
- reasons, why the applicant has decided to study, teach, conduct research or artistic activities in the respective host institution;
- programme of applicant’s study, research/artistic or teaching stay and how the applicant will use the results of his/her scholarship stay for further studies or teaching/research/artistic activities;
- applicant’s professional and personal qualities;
- study or research achievements;
- attitude of applicant’s host institution toward the applicant in the admission/invitation letter;
- overall quality of submitted application.

Deadline: 30 April 2018

New: Call for proposals: Environmental monitoring of pesticide use through honeybees

Concerned about honeybee colony losses, beekeepers, beekeeper technicians and scientists in specific areas of Europe started analysing the pesticide content of bees and bee products. The results are often the same: bees are exposed to a wide variety of contaminants simultaneously and consecutively. Surprisingly, on many occasions the pesticides detected were not authorised, while in others they were found in natural areas away from the sources of contamination.

This pilot project is a citizens’ science project in which beekeepers from several countries (n= 5-6) in Europe will collect biweekly pollen samples during two beekeeping seasons. Pollen and pesticide analyses will serve to establish the botanical origin and contamination of the samples, respectively. Analytical data will be put in a geospatial context, aiming to understand the possible sources and variability of both bee food and contaminants. In specific cases, fresh honey samples may be collected. Analysis will screen for both authorised and non-authorised pesticide and veterinary products. The interpretation of the monitoring results will contribute to the evaluation of the implementation of European legislation in terms of pesticide application (sustainable use directive), pesticide authorisation and efficiency of agro-environmental and greening measures from the common agricultural policy.

Deadline: 15 May 2018 


New: Call for proposals in the field of undeclared work

The main objective of this call for proposals is to complement and add value to the activities indicated in the work programme of the European Platform tackling undeclared work. Other objectives are to develop and fund innovative initiatives which shall contribute to enhancing the implementation, application, knowledge and better enforcement of EU and national law in the area of undeclared work, thus contributing to the reduction of undeclared work and to the emergence of the formal jobs. The knowledge gained from these projects should also help building up evidence-based knowledge for better policy design. The priority is to co-finance actions fostering joint activities and cross-border projects of enforcement authorities improving their technical capacity in the field of preventing and deterrence of undeclared work.

Deadline: 13 June 2018


New: Call for proposals for action grants to support transnational projects to promote judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters

The main objective is to contribute to the effective and coherent application of the acquis relating to judicial cooperation in:

-  Civil matters and to contribute to the effective and coherent application and enforcement of EU instruments;

-  Criminal matters and to contribute to the effective and coherent application of EU mutual recognition instruments in criminal matters.

Deadline: 19 June 2018


New: Call for proposals to address: equal participation of women and men in public fora, in leadership positions in politics and in the corporate sector and to support public authorities and civil society in relation with the 'New Start to Support Work-Life Balance for Parents and Carers' initiative

Priorities and activities to be co-financed:

- The aim of the first priority is to support projects promoting equality for women and men in public debates, in leadership positions in politics and in the corporate sector;

- The aim of the second priority is to support projects aiming at better enforcement of EU law on work-life balance and in particular of protection against dismissal and unfavourable treatment due to pregnancy or parenthood.

Deadline: 19 June 2018



New: Call for proposals to prevent and combat gender-based violence and violence against children

Priorities and activities to be co-financed:

- Prevention of gender-based violence (GBV): The focus of this priority is on primary prevention, in particular changing social norms and behaviour, in order to end tolerance of all forms of gender-based violence;

- Protection and support for victims and witnesses of domestic violence, including through tackling under-reporting, promoting multi-disciplinary cooperation, and capacity building for relevant professionals;

- The coordination and/or adaptation of support services for sexual and gender-based violence to include refugees and migrants, in particular to ensure their recovery from such trauma;

- Prevention and responding to cyber sexual- and gender-based violence;

- Promoting the embedding of child safeguarding policies across different settings and sectors, such as sports clubs and organisations, extra-curricular activities and/or leisure/recreation clubs/organisations for children, both as a means to protect and safeguard children as well as to equip staff with the necessary training and guidance.

Deadline: 13 November 2018


New: Apel Administraţia Fondului Cultural Naţional (AFCN) - Finanţare destinată susţinerii de proiecte culturale
Bugetul disponibil pentru această sesiune este de 15.000.000 lei, repartizat pe 12 arii de finanţare astfel:
Suma maximă care poate fi solicitată pentru un proiect este diferită în funcţie de aria tematică, după cum urmează:
- 80.000 lei - Arte Vizuale, Artele spectacolului (teatru, muzică, dans), Proiecte cu caracter repetitiv/de tip festival; Proiecte dedicate Centenarului; Artă digitală și noile media;
- 70.000 lei - Educaţie prin cultură;
- 55.000 lei - Intervenţie culturală, Promovarea culturii scrise, Patrimoniu Cultural Material, Patrimoniu Cultural Imaterial.
Vor fi acordate finanţări nerambursabile pentru proiecte culturale ce se vor derula în perioada cuprinsă între data semnării contractului de finanţare şi 15.11.2018. 
Termen limită: 30 martie 2018
New: Calls H2020 - ECSEL JU (Joint Technology Initiative on ‘Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership’)

Topic: ECSEL-2018-1-IA

An ECSEL Innovation Action (IA) primarily consists of activities aiming at pilot lines, test beds, demonstrators, innovation pilots and zones of full-scale testing. These activities produce plans and arrangements or designs for new, altered or improved products, processes, methods and tools or services. For this purpose they may include prototyping, testing, demonstrating, piloting, large-scale product validation and market replication.

Deadline: 20 September 2018




Topics: H2020-ECSEL-2018-2-RIA, H2020-ECSEL-2018-2-RIA-Special-Topic

An ECSEL Research and Innovation Action (RIA) primarily consists of activities aiming to establish new knowledge and/or to explore the feasibility of a new or improved technology, product, process, service, method, tool or solution. For this purpose they may include applied research, technology development and/or method/tool and integration, testing and validation on a small-scale prototype in a laboratory or simulated environment.

Deadline: 20 September 2018


New: Call for proposals on social innovation and national reforms - Access to Social Protection and National Reform Support​, EaSI-PROGRESS

This call for proposals aims to support governmental and non-governmental actors, and social partners in delivering on the rights and principles set out in the Pillar through social innovation and national policy reforms as regards reconciling work and private life, promoting access to social protection and developing adequate social protection systems.

The present call for proposals is divided in two lots.
​- ​Lot "Access to social protection" should fund activities that test, develop and implement innovative actions to facilitate the access to individual information on social protection entitlements, with the purpose of facilitating labour market transitions and enabling people to manage their careers better.
​- ​Lot "National reform support" will support national authorities in preparing policy reforms to ensure access to adequate rights in social protection regardless the form of employment, as envisaged by the Pillar. Forward-looking, evidence-based reforms are called for to modernise social protection systems and enable them to face challenges such as digitalisation and changing world of work, ageing of population and the capacity of welfare states to absorb economic shocks.

Deadline: 18​ May 2018


New: Apel ERA-NET Cofund on Personalised Medicine - PerMed

Acest urmăreşte sprijinirea şi încurajarea proiectelor de cercetare translațională, prin combinarea cercetării preclinice și/sau clinice cu componente computaționale.

Obiectivele generale ale apelului ERA PerMed sunt:
- să sprijine proiectele de cercetare translațională în domeniul medicinii personalizate;
- să încurajeze și să permită interdisciplinaritatea, prin combinarea cercetării preclinice și/sau clinice cu componente computaționale;
- să încurajeze colaborarea între mediul academic (echipe de cercetare din universități, instituții de învățământ superior, instituții publice care desfășoară activități de cercetare), cercetare clinică/publică în domeniul sănătății (echipe de cercetare din spitale/instituții de sănătate publică, instituții medicale și alte organizații de asistență medicală) IMM-uri (întreprinderi mici și mijlocii).

Termen limită: 10 aprilie 2018

Call of Proposals: Establishing and operating a pilot for a Cybersecurity Competence Network to develop and implement a common Cybersecurity Research & Innovation Roadmap.

The objective of this topic is to scale up existing research for the benefit of the cybersecurity of the Digital Single Market, with solutions that can be marketable. For this, participants should in parallel propose, test, validate and exploit the possible organisational, functional, procedural, technological and operational setup of a cybersecurity competence network with a central competence hub. Projects under this topic will help build and strengthen cybersecurity capacities across the EU as well as provide valuable input for the future set-up of the Cybersecurity Competence Network with a European Cybersecurity Research and Competence Centre as mentioned by the Joint Communication.

Deadline: 29 May 2018


Call for proposals: 3rd Health Programme Work Plan 2018

Topic 1 : Orphacodes Project
The objective of this action is to support Member states in improving gathering information on rare diseases by implementation of Orphacodes (rare diseases specific codification system). The implementation precess should be guided by "Standard procedure and guide for the coding with Orphacodes" and "Specification and implementation manual of the Master file" both developed in a frame of the current RD-ACTION.

Deadline: 26 April 2018


Topic 2 : Supporting Member States voluntary cooperation in the area of pricing through the Euripid Collaboration
The grant will contribute to further establishing the Euripid database as an effective voluntary cooperation between Member States aiming at increasing capacity within pricing and reimbursement authorities with a view to ensure that health systems can perform better in the area of pharmaceutical expenditure and on pharmaceutical policies in generalThis action seeks to continue supporting the establishment and appropriate use of the data set on medicinal product prices (EURIPID) and on training and technical support to users of the database (helpdesk).

Deadline: 26 April 2018


T​opic 3 : Scaling up integrated care
Integrated care seeks to improve patient experience, outcomes of care and effectiveness of health systems (known as "triple aim") through linkage or coordination of services and providers along the continuum of care. Integrated care is multidimensional. For patients with chronic conditions in particular, integrated care aims at improving or maintaining an individual's functional status, prolonging life and enhancing its quality by reducing discomfort caused by symptoms. To do this successfully, healthcare must overcome its fragmentation and also link actively with social cases.

Deadline: 26 April 2018


Call for proposals to improve the inclusion of mobile EU citizens and their political and societal participation and to support and enhance the democratic participation of mobile EU citizens, particularly in underrepresented groups

The aim is to support Member States' efforts to address challenges arising from intra-EU mobility whilst also promoting and facilitating the effective exercise of the free movement rights by EU citizens and their family members. Project activities should foster the successful inclusion and participation of mobile EU citizens and their family members in the host EU country's civic and/or political life and/or their participation in the democratic life of the EU, particularly with a view to the 2019 European elections.

Deadline:​ ​26 April 2018


Call for proposals on capacity-building in the area of rights of the child - putting in place robust national or regional integrated mechanisms to support children ageing out of/leaving alternative care

Projects shall support capacity building of professionals working for and with children on the rights of the child and child protection: project activities shall focus on putting in place robust national or regional integrated mechanisms to support children ageing out of/leaving alternative care and they shall encompass a strong child participation component (in project conception and design/empowerment of children/the child’s right to be heard/children’s involvement in reviewing service delivery).

Deadline: 31 May 2018


Appel à manifestation d’intérêt 2018 «Soutien au dispositif d’enseignement du français à visée professionnelle»

L’appel à manifestation d’intérêt s’adresse aux universités membres de l’AUF en Europe centrale et orientale proposant des formations partiellement ou entièrement francophones et qui souhaitent renforcer les compétences linguistiques et méthodologiques des étudiants et des enseignants francophones.

Date limite: le 30 mars 2018


Granturi SEE și Norvegia pentru Cooperare Regională

Granturile SEE și Norvegia pentru Cooperare Regională vizează proiecte de consolidare a cooperării transfrontaliere și transnaționale între țările donatoare, țările beneficiare și zece state membre care nu sunt membre ale UE.
Proiectele finanţate trebuie să fie transfrontaliere regionale sau transnaționale și să implice mai mulți parteneri și mai multe activități în diferite țări. Entitățile eligibile trebuie să aplice ca un consorțiu format din entități din cel puțin trei țări.
Vor fi alocate fonduri pentru sprijinul dialogului incluziv și consolidarea rețelelor transfrontaliere și transnaționale, consolidarea capacităților, schimbul de cunoștințe și schimbul de politici pentru accelerarea inovării; dezvoltarea structurilor de cooperare durabilă între sectorul de afaceri, sectorul public, sectorul civil și mediul academic; și angajamente care contribuie la îmbunătățirea eficacității și eficienței în elaborarea politicilor și răspunsurile la provocările europene comune.
Prin granturile SEE și Norvegia, țările donatoare ​îşi propun să ​contribuie la reducerea disparităților sociale și economice în Europa și la consolidarea relațiilor bilaterale dintre Islanda, Liechtenstein și Norvegia și 15 țări beneficiare din Europa de Nord, Centrală și de Sud.
Acest fond de granturi reprezintă o valoare adăugată ​faţă de restul finanţării SEE și Norvegia datorită concentrării pe​ transfrontalier și transnațional ​la nivel ​euro​pean​.
​Se pun la dispoziţie ​15 milioane EUR în cadrul primei ​etape de propuneri​ care are termen​ de aplicare 01.07.2018. Se preconizează că proiectele vor începe în 2019.

Termen limită: 1 iulie 2018


Prevention and Preparedness in civil protection and marine pollution
Support and complement the efforts of Member States in the field of disaster prevention, focusing on areas where cooperation provides added value and complement existing cooperation frameworks/instruments provided by relevant EU macro-regional strategies.
Enhance knowledge of effective preparedness and through the EC Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre. Develop cooperation across countries on challenges in the field of civil protection and/or marine pollution and enhance the awareness of professionals and volunteers. Complement existing cooperation frameworks/instruments provided by relevant EU macro-regional strategies.
Deadline: 25 April 2018
Call for proposals on social innovation and national reforms: Innovative work-life balance strategies to facilitate reconciliation of professional and caring responsibilities

This call for proposals aims to support governmental and non-governmental actors, and social partners in delivering on the rights and principles set out in the Pillar through social innovation and national policy reforms as regards reconciling work and private life. This call aims at funding projects to develop, test, and implement innovative work-life balance strategies in the workplace. The purpose of these strategies is to facilitate the reconciliation of work and private life through supporting a more equal share of care responsibilities between working women and men, thereby encouraging a higher participation of women in the labour market.

Deadline: 18 April 2018


FCH2 JU Call for proposals 2018
SHIFT2RAIL JU Call for proposals 2018
EIT KICs Call 2018
Call for proposals for simple programmes 2018 – Promotion of agricultural products

Some of the topics:
Support for simple programmes – Information and promotion in other third countries
Support for simple programmes – Information and promotion in sustainable sheep/goat meat production

Deadline: 12 April 2018​
​More info:

Call for proposals for multi programmes 2018 – Promotion of agricultural products

Some of the topics:

Support for multi programmes – Information and promotion about fruits and vegetables in the context of proper dietary practices
Support for multi programmes – Union quality schemes OR merits of Union agricultural products
Deadline: 12 April 2018
​More info:

Call for proposals to support awareness raising and information campaigns on the risks of irregular migration in selected third-countries.

The general objective of the present Call for Proposal is to contribute to the change of perceptions and behaviour of third country nationals pondering irregularly migrating to the EU and key influencers of their decisions.
Deadline: 05 April 2018


EIC Horizon Prize for 'Fuel from the Sun: Artificial Photosynthesis'

For the purpose of this prize, artificial photosynthesis is understood to be a process that aims at mimicking the physical chemistry of natural photosynthesis by absorbing solar energy in the form of photons. The solution is required to use this energy to generate fuel molecules through a synthetic system to be delivered as a single integrated device that utilises either biomimetic, nanotechnology, synthetic biology or a combination of these systems.
Meeting the challenge will stimulate innovation and focus research and development towards energy applications in a new energy technology through increased public and commercial interest. Moreover, it will accelerate the development of new innovative energy conversion systems using solar light and natural elements to produce renewable fuels to be used in industry, housing and transport.
Deadline: 03 February 2021


EIC Horizon Prize for 'Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid

The challenge consists of developing innovative solutions for the delivery of humanitarian aid based on frugal application of advanced technologies.
Expected Impact: More cost-effective, more sustainable and higher-quality innovative solutions, leading to an optimised use of humanitarian funding and an enhanced response to urgent needs in a humanitarian aid settings, notably for those in a most vulnerable situation, in areas such as shelter, water and sanitation, energy, heating or cooling, food, hygiene and medical care.
Deadline: 15 January 2020


Horizon Prize for Social Innovation in Europe

The social innovation Horizon prize will pull together society's resources from different spheres including the public, private and social economy to deliver new solutions to the challenge of Aging Population. The aim is to spur interest and citizen's engagement, incite new collaborations, incentivize behavioural change towards a particular issue, attract new dynamic innovators to the area, mobilise additional private investment for innovation, generate social solutions and encourage a European social innovation "doers" community, while creating jobs and opening markets in new areas and create new social value, relationships and collaborations.
Deadline: 28 February 2019


Calls for Propsals - Internal Security Fund Police

1. ISFP-2017-AG-PIU: PIU PNR - The objective is to support Member States in their efforts to ensure the exchange of PNR information between their Passenger Information Units (PIUs) and between the PIUs and Europol, pursuant to Articles 9 and 10 of the PNR Directive (EU) 2016/681.
Deadline: 14 February 2018


2. ISFP-2017-AG-SLTD: SLTD - The objective is to deploy equipment at the external border crossing points of all Member States to enable the SLTD checks (effectively a SSI with SIS, SLTD and national systems) and to make the SLTD nationally available for automated and systematic checks.
Deadline: 14 February 2018


3. ISFP-2017-AG-CYBER: Cybercrime - This action aims at developing transnational partnerships between Law Enforcement, private entities and academia to develop research, training and education in the domain of cybercrime; supporting policy developments (for instance fostering Law Enforcement cooperation and public-private partnerships in the area of fraud and counterfeiting of non-cash means of payment), developing investigative tools and databases and fostering cooperation (including Public-Private Partnerships) in the areas of cybercrime and child sexual exploitation (with specific focus on victims identification), supporting Law Enforcement engagement in the area of Internet governance, tackling the issue of travelling sex offenders, creating collaborative platforms for Law Enforcement cooperation for the creation, dissemination and improvement of IT tools, further developing interconnection between Law Enforcement and private entities in Member States to report cybercrime and share intelligence, creating a platform for Law Enforcement to swiftly access seized evidence or intelligence (or both) across borders.
Deadline: 06 March 2018


4. ISFP-2017-AG-TERFIN: Counter-Terrorism financing - The objective is to make sure that efforts of private and competent authorities are adapted to the new modus operandi of terrorist groups; reinforce action of private entities and public authorities to prevent and pursue terrorism financing by increasing the understanding of the phenomenon by use of best practice and/or new tools.
Deadline: 06 March 2018


5. ISFP-2017-AG-RAD: Radicalisation - The present Call for Proposals aims at funding projects on preventing and countering radicalisation leading to violent extremism in the area of one of the following priorities: a. Increasing awareness, protecting, strengthening resilience of individuals and in particular vulnerable groups (such as children, youth, etc…) to polarisation; b. Developing targeted exit programmes enabling radicalised individuals to deradicalise and disengage and rehabilitate based on an integrated multi-agency approach.
Deadline: 15 March 2018


6. ISFP-2017-AG-DRUGS: DRUGS - The objective is to address the external dimension of drugs trafficking by improving expertise in the area of drugs trafficking, in particular by enhancing operational knowledge, detection capacity, investigation and prosecution at the EU level and with key third countries; to promote best practices on addressing fragmentation of the relevant information and intelligence along the drug trafficking routes to and from the EU; to promote best practices concerning inter alia the detection of cocaine secondary extraction laboratories, indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation, synthetic drugs labs and modus operandi notably via containers.
Deadline: 13 March 2018


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Calls for proposals for Horizon 2018-2020